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The print industry has been a leader in developing responsible green methods of doing business. Learn more about print’s use of trees, a renewable resource, our nation's forests, the economic dilemma facing forest landowners face as caretaker's of our country's trees, and the misunderstanding that surrounds the of use paper and print. For More>


Rooney thinks green!

Doing business requires maintaining a balance between economic, environmental and social needs. Using print on paper meets this criteria.

Rooney Printing has integrated green processes into every aspect of its business through -

Technology for efficiency

• Incorporation of production efficiencies to reduce energy costs. Installation or upgrade of energy efficient equipment.
• Investment in computer-to-plate (CTP) technology and elimination of film to greatly reduce water and chemical usage.
• Advanced technology to reduce energy costs and enhance communication pathways with customers for file transfers, reduced proofing time and fuel costs.

Environmentally aware

• Conversion to the use of low solvent, low VOC (volatile organic compounds) vegetable inks in our printing process, reducing the use of petroleum-based inks and coatings.
• Offering customers expert advice on the best choices for recycled paper and low environmental impact coatings and inks.
• Responsible recycling of 95% of our scrap paper and corrugated products, as well as plastic and metal.

Use only what you need

Rooney has invested in digital printing technology that is efficient, timely and cost effective for the customer. The digital printing process offers the customer the advantage of printing the volume they need, when they need it.

Print is a wise choice when you incorporate environmental stewardship, use print appropriately and pursue responsible, efficient practices. We encourage you to select Rooney as a partner for your printing needs.

Print is Recyclable, Renewable, Reusable

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